Instructions for Deleting the Time Tracking App and Information on Data Deletion

Dear Users,

To delete the time tracking app on your iOS or Android device, please follow the steps below:

**For iOS (iPhone/iPad):**

1. Navigate to your home screen.
2. Locate the icon of the time tracking app.
3. Press and hold the app icon until all apps start to wiggle.
4. An „X“ should appear in the upper left corner of the app icon.
5. Tap on the „X“ to delete the app.
6. Confirm the deletion if prompted.

**For Android:**

1. Go to your device’s settings.
2. Select „Apps“ or „Application Manager“ to display a list of installed apps.
3. Find the time tracking app in the list.
4. Tap on the app and choose „Uninstall“ or „Delete.“
5. Confirm the uninstallation if prompted.

Please note that the app itself will be deleted, but according to legal regulations, work hour data must be retained.

According to § 21a paragraph 3 sentence 7, companies are obligated to keep records of individual working hours for at least two years. Therefore, work hour data can only be deleted after the expiration of this period.

These records serve as legal proof of hours worked for both employers and employees. Therefore, we recommend ensuring that all necessary data is stored in accordance with legal requirements before permanently deleting the app.

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